ROLAND V-Drums-Block Kick-Stopper

ROLAND V-Drums-Block Kick-Stopper


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ROLAND V-Drums-Block Kick-Stopper

Lightweight block for heavy feet that you love V-Kick in place. The specially selected Velcro ensures optimum adhesion to the drum mat.

Because of the recessed location of the Velcro fastener on the bottom of the block is obtained a very strong vacuum connection. This ensures optimum adhesion to the drum mat.

The V-Drums sticker is also recessed into the top of the block.

  • Kick-stopper for V-Kick
  • Color: Orange-black
  • Prevents V-Kick pedal is shifting drum mat
  • Also useful for KD-8 and FD-8
  • Only use loop-type carpet!
  • Material : ABS
  • Dimensions: 110 x 23 x 86 mm (inner diameter: 45 mm)
  • Weight: 70 g
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