ROLAND V-Synth-GT Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

ROLAND V-Synth-GT Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

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ROLAND V-Synth-GT Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland's original V-Synth set a high standard for expressive synthesis and sound design, and all of that power is distilled into the 61-key V-Synth GT. This completely modern and unique instrument injects the V-Synth's famous Elastic Audio Synthesis engine with revolutionary Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology for unprecedented expression and realism as well as unlimited sound design potential.

Multi-Core Synthesis

By integrating a dual-core V-Synth engine, the V-Synth GT can combine Elastic Audio Synthesis, Vocal Designer technology, and AP-SYNTHESIS in real time. Roland's proprietary VariPhrase technology is also integrated into the V-Synth GT. Together with its analog-modeling engine, External Audio input, and digital sampling architecture, the V-Synth GT provides an incredibly wide and colorful foundation on which to capture, manipulate and create sounds.

AP Synthesis

The V-Synth GT is the first synthesizer in the world equipped with AP (Articulative Phrase) synthesis. This revolutionary form of modeling recreates the ever-changing behavior, nuance, and sound of an instrument as it's being played. The results are stunningly expressive and realistic, and can be applied to acoustic instrument simulation as well as new, never-before-heard sounds.

Speed Programming

Serious sound designers will love the complexity and editing depth of the V-Synth GT, but there are many instances where musicians need fresh sounds fast-and that's the beauty of Sound Shaper II. Based on the original Sound Shaper, this enhanced mode lets you choose a sound type, then it brings the most relevant parameters directly to the surface. You'll be creating sounds in seconds!

Futuristic Design

The V-Synth GT is a top-of-the-line instrument. No corners were cut in creating its futuristic yet friendly layout and design. Front panel features include a color touch-screen with eight universal control knobs and dedicated buttons and sliders to make access faster and easier.

  • 61 keys with velocity and channel aftertouch
  • Dual-core Elastic Audio Synthesis engine w/AP Synthesis and Vocal Designer circuits
  • 256 patches, 512 tones
  • Multiple forms of advanced synthesis
  • Intuitive, icon-driven interface
  • AP (Articulative Phrase) synthesis technology models the performance behavior and nuance of musical instruments
  • Sound Shaper II offers incredibly easy and efficient user programming
  • Color touch-screen display with wide viewing angle
  • 2-tone FX (41 multi-effect types)
  • 1 chorus (8 types)
  • 1 reverb (8 types)
  • 4-band system EQ
  • 44.1kHz sampling frequncy
  • 96, 48, 44.1kHz digital audio in/out
  • 32-bit sound engine
  • 24-bit effects engine
  • 64MB wave memory
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