ROLAND RD-700NX 88-Key Stage Piano

ROLAND RD-700NX 88-Key Stage Piano

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ROLAND RD-700NX 88-Key Stage Piano

From the moment you take it out of the box, everything about the Roland RD-700NX says "serious gigging machine." It's got dedicated hardware knobs, road-worthy metal panels with tough plastic endcaps, and an angled rear panel so you can easily see all its jacks from the front of the keyboard. Power it on (in under 5 seconds), and the high-res LCD and large one-touch buttons light up to defy dark stages. and that's before you even feel the textured surface and realistic escapement on Roland's 88-key PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard.

Loaded with SuperNATURAL piano tones, this RD is built for the working musician that needs to access playable sounds -fast. The RD-700NX also has a generous 3 MIDI OUT jacks for meshing with any live rig. But with 965 on-board sounds, it's got more than enough to cover the gig on its own. When you need one stage piano to do it all, the Roland RD-700NX is your sophisticated-yet-simple solution.

A Superlatively Natural Piano Engine

Roland's state-of-the-art SuperNATURAL sound engine represents a significant step up from ordinary piano multisampling. Even on a piano with several gigabytes of memory dedicated to samples, the patchwork nature of multi-sample synthesis can cause unnatural, stair-step gaps between dynamic levels for a given note. The RD-700NX's SuperNATURAL engine eliminates these gaps by organically morphing between samples, resulting in a piano with breathtaking dynamic range. This breakthrough sound engine also contributes to the most organic note decay Roland has achieved in a digital piano. Nothing's worse than nailing the big finish on a soaring acoustic ballad, just to have your digital piano artificially loop a sample until you can sneak your foot off the pedal in relief. The RD's samples deliver the complex, natural decay of a real acoustic instrument. and speaking of realism: the included DP-10 pedal provides fine gradations that go beyond just half-pedaling. In fact, stomp it without pressing any keys, and you'll actually hear the dampers lift. Bravo!

Customizable Live Sets and Effects

The RD-700NX lets you layer up to 4 of its 965 tones in a Live Set, with 100 user-definable slots plus 300 convenient factory Live Sets. Each tone in a Live Set has its own pair of multi-effects slots -with 84 choices of effects, from EQ and dynamics, to reverbs and amp simulators. Press the Tone Edit button to bring up a screen that lets you adjust parameters like lid height, damper noise, string resonance, stereo width, tone character from mellow to bright, and more -and that's just for the acoustic pianos. The RD-700NX also packs in dozens of authentic, customizable Wurlitzers and Rhodes electric piano sounds, plus organs and synths galore, along with strings, horns, drum kits and everything else you'd expect from Roland. On 10 tonewheel organ patches, the RD's sliders become drawbars in any configuration you choose. and 8 dedicated hardware knobs with illuminated buttons control global 4-band EQ, reverb, chorus/delay, compressor, and the "Sound Focus" effect -a presence boost and focused stereo image that help the RD-700NX cut through a dense ensemble, even on quiet passages.

Escape Digital Restrictions

Try pressing an acoustic piano key as softly as possible, and you'll feel a small notch of resistance about two-thirds of the way down. Consider what's happening inside the piano: a hammer momentarily hits the strings and immediately falls away so as not to interfere with the vibration. The mechanism by which a hammer strikes the strings and immediately "escapes" (even if the pianist holds the key down) is called the escapement. It's as if the key "throws" the hammer, and the hammer bounces off the strings. The subtle weight of the escapement is present to some degree on all acoustic pianos, and it's even possible to press a key so softly and slowly that the hammer isn't thrown all the way to the strings and the note doesn't sound at all. Most digital pianos don't bother to replicate escapement, and without this tactile feedback, a pianist will need to make a mental adjustment when going back to a real piano. Not so on Roland's RD-700NX. When you play quietly, you'll feel a small, but convincing bump that emulates a good acoustic -yet the action is fast enough that the keys won't get in the way when you're playing Bach's ornaments. Combined with the PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard for a no-slip grip, the RD-700NX is simply the closest you can come to the feel of a real live piano in a portable digital instrument.

Advanced Stage and Studio Integration

The Ivory Feel keyboard is so nice, you'll wish every synth in your stage rig had one. Luckily, along with MIDI over USB, the RD-700NX has a full complement of 3 standard MIDI OUT jacks that can be addressed from any of 4 zones on the keyboard, plus MIDI IN. with the RD as your MIDI controller, you'll never have to touch less-than-stellar plastic or non-weighted keys again. The RD-700NX can also read WAV or MP3 audio off a USB thumb drive for instant backing tracks on stage -and it even records full-quality WAV files directly to USB, as a quick songwriting sketchpad. and for the ultimate in stage and studio connectivity, the RD-700NX has balanced XLR outputs in addition to standard 1/4-inch jacks.

It's not every day that an instrument comes along that's so perfectly suited for the serious gigging musician, with zero compromise on sound quality or playability. If you're ready to upgrade your stage rig, the Roland RD-700NX is ready to perform.

  • 88-key "Ivory Feel" PHA III keyboard with realistic escapement
  • SuperNATURAL sound engine with 83 acoustic and electric pianos
  • Hundreds more playable sounds, including 10 tonewheel organs
  • 300 factory Live Sets, plus 100 user-definable slots to save your own layers, splits, and effects
  • Roland's exclusive Sound Focus effect boosts your sound to cut through a dense mix
  • 3 MIDI OUTs, 1 MIDI IN, plus concurrent MIDI over USB
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch outputs
  • Play WAV or MP3 files, or record WAVs directly to a USB memory stick
  • Flexible on-board multi-effects
  • Roland's combination joystick pitch bend/mod wheel controller
  • Illuminated buttons, hardware knobs, and angled back panel make the RD-700NX a stage-worthy instrument
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