YAMAHA PSR-S950 Arranger Workstation Music Keyboard

YAMAHA PSR-S950 Arranger Workstation Music Keyboard

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YAMAHA PSR-S950 Arranger Workstation Music Keyboard

The Yamaha PSR-S950 61-key Arranger Keyboard will blow you away. To realize genuine renditions of instruments and playing nuances, Yamaha recorded professional musicians-and the PSR-S950 lets you play alongside them! Cutting-edge Audio Styles technology gives your performances maximum expressiveness by adding real audio drum parts to Yamaha's Guitar Enhanced Style engine. Want variety? Onboard FlashROM lets you load new Voices and Style Expansions. Packed with a massive arsenal of incredible voices, styles, and amazing features to help you compose, arrange, perform, and record your music, the Yamaha PSR-S950 will let your creativity soar.

YAMAHA PSR-S950 61-key Arranger Keyboard at a Glance:
  • Super Articulation voices give you stunning acoustic instrument realism
  • Mega Voice, for natural performance nuances
  • Audio Styles technology imbues your music with incredible expressiveness
Super Articulation Voices Give you Stunning Acoustic Instrument Realism

The PSR-950 features Yamaha's Super Articulation technology. SA voices recreate the performance characteristics of acoustic instruments so realistically, you'll feel as if you're playing the real deal. These voices intelligently add just the right expressive nuances to your performances without you having to learn awkward control techniques. All you need to do is play-and let the Yamaha PSR-S950 take care of the expression.

Mega Voice, for Natural Performance Nuances

The Yamaha PSR-S950's Mega Voice feature serves up numerous playing techniques and performance sounds, such as guitar and bass finger slides, brass drops and falls, vocal effects, and so on. When used within a Style, Mega Voices provide amazingly dynamic, realistic-sounding accompaniments.

Audio Styles Technology Imbues your Music with Incredible Expressiveness

Audio Styles get you a step closer by letting you add audio recordings of drummers, percussionists and percussion ensembles performing in studios around the world to your compositions. Audio Styles juices your music with natural feel, ambience, and warmth, and gives your performances incredible expressiveness. Yamaha's Time Stretch technology even allows the audio to follow your tempo changes without changes in pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

  • A massive arsenal of Super Articulation voices, for incredibly realistic and expressive sound
  • Powerful, pro-quality accompaniment available at the touch of a button
  • Audio Styles; Mega Voice style technology
  • Guitar-Enhanced Styles with Mega Voices
  • Microphone input and Vocal Harmony2; Vocal Cancel
  • Score, Lyrics and Text display
  • Yamaha's renowned audio and DSP technology provides great live and recorded sound
  • Real Distortion effects give you the classic vibe of modeled guitar amps from the 1960s and '70s
  • Digital amplifier and great-sounding speakers
  • Time Stretch and Pitch shift
  • Audio Link Multi Pad
  • Audio Recording; Aux in; MP3 playback
  • Voice and Style Expandability keeps your instrument up-to-date
  • Mobile device-friendly, with iPhone/iPod/iPad connectivity
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes
  • Number of Presets: 1299
  • Number of Effects: 773
  • Effects Types: Reverb, Chorus, Multi-FX
  • Sequencer: 16-Track
  • USB: MIDI, Storage Device
  • Number of Audio Inputs: 1
  • Audio Input Types: Mic/line
  • Number of Audio Outputs: 3
  • Audio Output Types: 2 x TS, 1 x TRS (Headphone)
  • MIDI I/O: In, Out, USB Slave
  • Pedal Inputs: 2 x Pedal Inputs
  • Power Supply: Power Adapter Included
  • Height: 5.1875"
  • Width: 39.4375"
  • Depth: 17.1875"
  • Weight: 25.375 lbs.
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