YAMAHA PSR-S650 61-Key Keyboard Production Station

YAMAHA PSR-S650 61-Key Keyboard Production Station

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YAMAHA PSR-S650 61-Key Keyboard Production Station

The Yamaha PSR-S650 arranger keyboard strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and affordability, giving you professional performance for a great low price. Loaded with 864 amazing sounds and 181 built-in accompaniment styles, the PSR-S650 covers and impressively wide range of musical styles. What's more, onboard MegaVoice style technology lets you play instruments such as guitars and basses on the PSR-S650 with authentic articulation, something that's literally out of reach for conventional keyboards. Custom tunings, including Arabic and Pythagorean also open up a world of authentic musical styles. And with 16MB of internal FlashROM Expansion, you can easily add even more sounds to the Yamaha PSR-S650.

YAMAHA PSR-S650 Portable Arranger Keyboard at a Glance:
  • A world of instrument sounds in one amazing keyboard
  • MegaVoice technology provides the perfect articulation for your instruments
  • Onboard sequencer lets you capture your performances
A World of Instrument Sounds in One Amazing Keyboard

Building on the wild success of their PSR-S550 arranger, Yamaha designed the PSR-S650 to be even more flexible than ever before. No matter what style of music you want to play, the PSR-S650 is ready. Loaded with 864 sounds (plus 16MB of internal FlashROM Expansion sample storage) and 181 accompaniment styles, the PSR-S650 covers an extremely broad range of music. And thanks to a massive selection of alternative scale tunings, you can add the perfect touch of authenticity to your exotic styles.

MegaVoice Technology Provides the Perfect Articulation for your Instruments

Not every instrument is easy to play correctly on a standard keyboard layout. That's why Yamaha equipped the PSR-S650 with their impressive MegaVoice technology. Yamaha's MegaVoice technology translates the notes you play on the PSR-S650 into realistic fingerings and chords for the instrument you've selected. This allows you to play instruments such as guitar and bass with standard keyboard fingerings, and still achieve absolutely authentic articulation.

Onboard Sequencer lets You Capture Your Performances

More than just a fantastic performance keyboard, the Yamaha PSR-S650 is a songwriter's playground. Thanks to the onboard 16-track sequencer, you can easily use your PSR-S650 to lay down song ideas, capture jam sessions, and write entire songs. When you're finished, a handy USB port lets you transfer songs to your computer. Even cooler, this same USB connection also lets you integrate your PSR-S650 with your favorite DAW.

  • An amazing portable arranger keyboard that covers a wide range of musical styles
  • Includes 864 amazing instrument sounds
  • 16MB of Flash ROM Expansion sample storage lets you add even more sounds to your library
  • 181 built-in accompaniment styles add depth and dimension to your performances
  • Selectable alternative scale tunings, including Arabic, Pythagorean, and many more add authenticity to your playing style
  • MegaVoice technology provides realistic articulation to instruments such as guitar and bass
  • Built-in 16-track sequencer lets you capture your performances and write original music
  • USB connection allows you to transfer songs to your computer and integrate your PSR-S650 with your DAW software
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes
  • Polyphony: 64 Notes
  • Number of Presets: 864
  • Number of Effects: 347
  • Effects Types: Reverb (35), Chorus (44), DSP (237), Master EQ (5), Harmony (26)
  • Sequencer: 16-Track
  • USB: USB to Computer, USB to Device
  • Number of Audio Inputs: 0
  • Audio Input Types: No Audio Inputs
  • Number of Audio Outputs: 1
  • Audio Output Types: 1 x TRS (Headphone)
  • MIDI I/O: Via USB
  • Pedal Inputs: 1 x Sustain
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter Included
  • Height: 15-15/16"
  • Width: 37-1/4"
  • Depth: 5-3/8"
  • Weight: 16 lbs. 1 oz.
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