ROLAND JUNO-Di (White) 61-Key Synthesizer with Song Player

ROLAND JUNO-Di (White) 61-Key Synthesizer with Song Player

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ROLAND JUNO-Di (White) 61-Key Synthesizer with Song Player

Let's say you play keyboard in a band, and you're looking for a new "main axe" for live gigs. You've ruled out the heavy, expensive workstation boards, but you want more sonic flexibility than a simple digital piano. You want hundreds of playable onboard sounds, and you want to be able to grab knobs to shape your sound live without paging through menus. You want easy access to onboard multi-effects and a friendly, intuitive interface -and you want it all in an uber-compact, portable, lightweight design. Built for the live keyboardist, the Roland JUNO-Di delivers all this and more in an inexpensive package.

Sounds for Live Performance

The JUNO-Di packs in more than 1,000 instruments with an emphasis on the piano, organ, strings, brass, and synth sounds that are crucial to live performance. It couldn't be easier to find the sounds you need fast, on the JUNO's adjustable-brightness large-character display. Press the button for Piano, Keyboard/Organ, Orchestra, World Music, Brass, Vocal/Pad, Synth, or Guitar/Bass, and use the jog wheel to scroll and select the perfect sound. You can create your own splits (for example, play organ with your right hand and bass with your left) or layer sounds such as piano and strings. Sixty-four useful splits and layers are preconfigured as Performance patches. Save your 10 favorite tones, splits, or layers, then hit the Favorite button to quickly access them through the 10 sound bank buttons. Plus, it's easy to tweak your tones live, with five analog-style dedicated knobs on the JUNO-Di's front panel.

USB Connectivity

Suppose your bandmate emails you a quick MP3 demo of a song they've written at home, or perhaps you're looking for a way to use WAV or AIFF files as backing tracks when you play shows. Either way, you can save the files on a USB memory stick and plug it into the USB port on the JUNO-Di's front panel. Your files will show up on the JUNO's text display. Use the Song Player's playback controls, adjust the volume independently, or even adjust tempo when you open a standard MIDI file. If you crave the ability to dig deep into detailed sound editing, or you want to build your own patches for the JUNO, run the included JUNO-Di Editor software on your Mac or PC. You can load your new sounds on the JUNO via USB, and even back up your JUNO's internal settings to your USB thumb drive. In addition to the USB port, you'll find all the standard connections on the back of the JUNO: MIDI I/O, dual 1/4-inch audio outs, 1/4-inch mic in, headphone out, and an 1/8-inch audio input.

Take It To The Streets

At under 12 pounds, the JUNO-Di is light enough to carry under your arm. and if you forget to bring the included power adapter, you can run this keyboard for three hours on eight AA batteries! There's a battery-life indicator on the front panel. All you need for a live street performance is a 1/4-inch instrument cable, a battery-powered amp, and your own musical ideas. When it comes to ultra-portable instruments, why should guitarists have all the fun? Throw your JUNO-Di in a backpack-style gig bag, and you're off to the races. Such a full-featured keyboard has never been so portable.

Layers of Live Effects

When it comes to live effects processing, the JUNO-Di is no lightweight. You can enhance any of the onboard sounds just by grabbing the dedicated Reverb knobs on the front panel. There's a dedicated channel for Chorus as well. When reverb and chorus just aren't enough, you can layer up to three more of the 79 built-in effects: delays, flangers, distortion, and much more, including a host of multi-effects options even a rotary speaker simulator. Make the guitarist in your band jealous, with these BOSS-quality effects built right into your keyboard! There's even a vocoder for the JUNO-Di's microphone input, and the vocal mic has its own dedicated reverb and independent volume control, so you can get the exact sound you want. It's ideal for the keyboardist who also sings. There's even a Roland D-Beam controller, so you can control effects with the wave of your hand -a showstopping performance feature. with all these onboard effects, the JUNO-Di may be the only live keyboard you'll ever need.

  • Under 12 pounds and battery-powered for extreme portability
  • Over 1,000 onboard sounds in an easy-to-navigate interface with large-character display
  • 5 dedicated control knobs, D-Beam, and modulation/pitch bend lever
  • MP3, WAV, AIFF and standard MIDI file playback from any USB thumb drive
  • Microphone input with dedicated reverb, vocoder, and independent volume control
  • 79 built-in effects: reverb, chorus, flanger, distortion, overdrive, and more
  • PC/Mac JUNO-Di Editor software included
  • Power Supply: Can be powered either by 8 Ni-MH AA size rechargeable Batteries (Not Included) or PSB-1U AC Adapter (Included)
  • Dimensions: 1008 x 104 x 300
  • Weight (kg): 5.2
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Polyphony: 128
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