ROLAND Fantom-G8 Sampling Workstation 88-Key

ROLAND Fantom-G8 Sampling Workstation 88-Key

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ROLAND Fantom-G8 Sampling Workstation 88-Key

The Roland Fantom-G8 is a workstation keyboard that can truly do it all -it's equally impressive on tour, or as part of your production studio.

A stage and studio instrument? It might seem like a contradiction, but the Roland Fantom-G8 is sure to defy any expectations you might have as to what a "workstation keyboard" is. The Roland Fantom-G8 has thousands of beautiful, sophisticated sounds, yet you get easy access and on-the-fly adjustment. It's got a powerful sequencer that supports both MIDI and audio recording, yet the smart control layout and mouse support make it easier to navigate than most computer-based software. The Roland Fantom-G8 is a rugged, road-worthy instrument, yet it's one of the most eye-catching keyboards around with a huge, full-color LCD screen and gleaming aluminum chassis.

SuperNATURAL Sounds

Regardless of how alluring the Roland Fantom-G8 looks, how many functions it boasts, and how easy it is to learn, sub-par sound would be a deal-breaker. Fortunately, the Roland Fantom-G8 boasts one of the most amazing sound engines in the industry. Roland's Fantom line has always been hailed for the quality of its voices, and this newest incarnation has double the wave-ROM capacity of its predecessor. On the Roland Fantom-G8, classic acoustic and electric piano sounds, thick and flexible synth patches, and an assortment of orchestral sounds all sound impressive. Still, the Roland Fantom-G8 really shows off its stuff when you add a SuperNATURAL expansion board to one of the Fantom's two ARX expansion slots. SuperNATURAL is one of the most powerful synthesis engines at any price range; it's called SuperNATURAL because the sounds these expansion cards produce goes beyond realism. For example, the ARX-01 card specializes in incredibly detailed and realistic drum sounds, and thanks to SuperNATURAL technology, you can build the simulated drums from the ground up, dictating shell width, wood type, snare buzz, room dimensions, and more. Since the ARX expansion cards sport their own processor, the complex sound generation won't slow down your Roland Fantom-G8 in the least. If you dig tons of layered, lush, stereo effects, the Roland Fantom-G8 is your best friend. Each multi-voice patch can support up to 22 simultaneous effects, with extensive routing and editing options to keep tweak-prone musicians happy for hours on end.

Touring Machine

You'll undoubtedly want to show off these stunning sounds on the road, and the Roland Fantom-G8 is geared for world-class live performance. Like a luxury sports car, the Roland Fantom-G8 has the power of a sophisticated machine, but the feel of a finely-tuned instrument, due in large part to the Fantom-G8's top-notch, semi-weighted 88-key keyboard. Roland's "Ivory Feel" white keys reproduce the comfort of real ivory piano keys, with a secure, slip-proof surface designed to absorb moisture. The Fantom-G8's intuitive control layout also contributes to the the keyboard's live credentials. Eight sliders provide quick control over assignable parameters and live multi-voice mix levels, and the five rotary encoders are solid and smooth. Grab the combination pitch-bend/modulation joystick, or manipulate Roland's exclusive D-Beam controller with only hand movements. These expression controls make every patch even more expressive and inspire wild live-performance moments. The "Ivory Feel" keyboard is matched by equally responsive, groove-box-style trigger pads. These sixteen rubberized pads can be used to trigger samples, construct rhythm patterns, play loops, and mute individual channels in a sequence for DJ-style dropouts. Clever organizational features like "Set List" make it easy to access specific sounds quickly on stage, and the huge LCD screen makes it easy to double-check every aspect of a patch at a glance.

More than a Sequencer...A Complete Studio

The generous screen also comes in handy when you're using the Roland Fantom-G8 in its alter-ego mode: as a totally decked-out production studio. Any professional workstation is going to have a sequencer on-board for composition, but the Fantom-G8 boasts Roland's "Power Sequencer," a full-fledged multitrack audio and MIDI sequencer that behaves more like a computer-based DAW than a traditional keyboard workstation. The Roland Fantom-G8's arranger can handle up to 24 digital audio tracks in addition to 128 MIDI tracks, with expandable recording memory for nearly two hours of 44.1 kHz, 16-bit CD-quality audio. Audio can be recorded from just about any source even high-end condenser mics, thanks to the on-board phantom-powered mic preamp accessible by a Neutrik combination XLR and 1/4-inch input. Plug in any mic to sample live drums or record studio-quality vocals -or plug in a Hi-Z instrument like a guitar or bass directly and make use of the Fantom's guitar-based effects. The Roland Fantom-G8's sliders, rotary knobs, four-way cursor control and Jog Wheel make it easy to operate and navigate through the mixer window and effects patch lists and the Fantom-G8 even supports a USB mouse. Who needs a computer?

The Roland Fantom line of workstation keyboards has been around since 2002, and with every iteration they get more powerful, sound more amazing, and are even easier to use. If you're looking for a single instrument that can master every aspect of modern music, from performance to composition to production, look no further than the Roland Fantom-G8.

  • 88-key PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch
  • 128-voice polyphony and 256 MB wave memory
  • 1,664 on-board patches
  • 44.1 kHz, 16-bit .WAV or .AIFF sampler expandable to 108 minutes mono / 54 minutes stereo
  • Sequencer supports 50 songs with 128 MIDI tracks and 24 audio tracks
  • 8.5-inch wide VGA (800 x 480 dots) backlit color LCD display
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
  • Expression controls include pitch bend/modulation lever, 4 control knobs, 8 control sliders, two assignable switches, and D-Beam controller
  • Phantom-powered Mic/Guitar combination 1/4-inch/XLR input
  • Stereo 1/4-inch headphone jack
  • 1/4-inch audio outputs
  • Pedal jack
  • Three USB connectors support computer, mouse, and USB flash memory thumb drive
  • Coaxial digital audio input
  • Two ARX expansion slots accommodate SuperNATURAL sound sets
  • DIMM slot supports PC133, CL=2/3, 3.3 V memory up to 512MB
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