ROLAND FR-8XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian (Knopf-Version)

ROLAND FR-8XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian (Knopf-Version)

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ROLAND FR-8XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian (Knopf-Version)

With the brand new FR-8XB button Accordian Roland perfected the interplay between traditional and digital handling technology. The latest flagship of the V-Accordian series is packed with new features and enhancements that were developed in collaboration with renowned artists. Thus, every Accordianist never before achieved open expression and versatility.

The innovative dynamic technology simulates the behavior Bellows Balgverhalten an acoustic Accordian, moreover, there are advanced sound sets, four high-quality multi-effects, built-in Looper and much more - a treasure chest full of innovation for an unparalleled musical experience.

Seamlessly connects the FR-8XB high-end technology with traditional playability, thus ushering in a new era of creative freedom for all Accordian players.

  • Flagship of the V-Button Accordians with numerous improvements thanks to the contributions
  • professional Accordianists
  • Revised button keyboard with an improved response, authentic look and lower
  • noise
  • Newly developed Dynamic Behaviour Bellows technology, a natural Balgverhalten
  • simulated acoustic Accordians
  • Simple and convenient charging of the internal battery with the included AC adapter
  • Onboard Looper for quickly creating an accompaniment patterns
  • Three programable chin register for hands-free dialing user-defined functions
  • Color: Black
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