ROLAND FR-3XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian

ROLAND FR-3XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian

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ROLAND FR-3XB-BK (Black) V-Accordian

Medium-sized V Accordian that is equipped with a sound and tone of the latest, and to accommodate a wide variety of further performance scene

Despite being small, the weight of the medium-sized class, FR-3X is the latest enhancement of the sound source flagship FR-7X direct line. Sound response to dynamic and quick to bellows control, performance power of expression is up big. Performance of the latest sound of high-end models such as inheritance Virtual Tone Wheel organ and Accordian type is possible. In addition, I can use a USB memory, and can back up data, and playback of audio files. FR-3X Because it is equipped with a speaker in the body, I can enjoy the music withOut the need for an external amplifier. In response to AA rechargeable battery on the market, you can enjoy a performance of abOut 5 hours.

  • The high sensitivity pressure sensor PBM and sound evolved, sound reaction to dynamic and quick.
  • It is equipped with Accordian-type French, Italian newly equipped with FR-7X. Orchestra tone strings, electric piano and also increase as well.
  • Equipped with virtual tone wheel organ. You can play (including rotary effect) preset sounds of 10 different.
  • The new a USB host terminal. Play along performance in conjunction backup of user settings, the audio files such as, MP3 WAV is also possible. It also supports an extension of the sound from the USB memory in the future.
  • It is equipped with a percussion sound was popular in the FR-2/1. I can play in the base / code part the percussion set of eight types.
  • Can be driven on the market rechargeable battery. Newly equipped with ON / OFF function of the speaker, allows the use of a longer period of time. (ON time: abOut 5 hours, OFF time: abOut 9 hours)

Dimensions / Weight

  • In width (W): 470 mm
  • depth (D): 270 mm
  • Height-(H): 390 mm
  • ​​Weight: 8.0 kg
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