CAKEWALK A-800PRO-R 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

CAKEWALK A-800PRO-R 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

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CAKEWALK A-800PRO-R 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The A-800PRO-R is right up your alley. Top-notch Roland engineering coupled with Cakewalk's well-known intuitive interface, the A-800PRO-R has all you'll need to make your productions and performances really shine. The A-800PRO-R can be used with a broad variety of software on Mac or PC such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Garage Band, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Nuendo. Also, the A-800PRO-R is plug and play, so you don't need an engineering degree to get it hooked up and making music right Out of the box.

The A-800PRO-R Design

With the A-800PRO-R, you're gaining access to over 3 decades of Roland's legendary quality. Enhanced sensitivity and aftertouch in the key mechanism offer the performer a great range of expressive playing styles in their performance. Rounded key assembly offers responsive reactions to your touch and a smoother glissando. Additional enhancements have been implemented to do away with vertical shake and cut down on the already barely noticeable mechanical noise on the key strokes. Also, with customizable velocity curves, you can tweak the A-800PRO-R's settings to match your unique playing style. Beginners and experts alike will certainly appreciate the feel of the A-800PRO-R.

The ergonomic design of the A-800PRO-R puts everything you need right at your fingertips. All controls are intelligently and conveniently placed in order to make producing and performing a breeze. Whether you're messing with your favorite software instrument or writing music in your DAW (digital audio workstation), the collection of 45 buttons, knobs, sliders, finger pads and transport controls provides full command over all your most necessary functions. Additionally, the rubber-coated, sure-grip pitch/modulation stick offers control of both functions simultaneously. The A-800PRO-R Editor software for Mac and PC makes it a snap to tailor the keyboard to your favorite soft-synth or DAW. Simply run the Editor program, adjust your Control Map, and press "transmit." It's really that easy. Also, when you use an ACT(Active Controller Technology)-enabled DAW like Sonar, your parameters will remap automatically, enabling you to stay with the flow and remain focused on your music.

Dynamic Finger Pads

The A-800PRO-R has a series of 8 velocity-sensitive Dynamic Pads that performers and producers can use to trigger one shots, grooves or samples on the fly through their favorite samplers, soft-synths and/or DAWs. You could also utilize the Hold control to "latch" the sounds from the pads. Or, you could even assign controller data, velocity and/or aftertouch to the finger pads for enhanced expression.

ROLAND's FPT MIDI Transmission

The A-800PRO-R offers blazing MIDI transmission through Roland's proprietary FPT (Fast Processing Technology). You can certainly depend on Roland's FPT for solid, quick, low jitter, and even lower latency transmission of MIDI data. That means the fine details of your performance will be heard, no matter what music application you happen to be using. Specifically with software instruments, FPT offers even lower latency so you'll feel as though the sound is coming from a built-in program on your keyboard.

Production Plus Pack 3

The Production Plus Pack 3 is a tremendous suite of music production software that comes included with the A-800PRO-R. With Sonar 8.5 LE (PC only) and 3 versatile software instruments for Mac and PC: Rapture LE, Cakewalk Sound Center, and Studio Instruments Drums, the A-800PRO-R and the Production Pack 3 are sure to satisfy anyone who recognizes high-quality MIDI controllers and music software.

Product Features:
  • 61 Key Pro MIDI Keyboard Controller
  • Production Plus Pack 3 includes Sonar 8.5 LE, Rapture LE, Cakewalk Sound Center and Studio Instruments Drums
  • 8 velocity-sensitive dynamic pads for finger drumming and triggering loops and samples with Hold function for "latching"
  • Dedicated transport section for use as a control surface (can be remapped)
  • Console-style faders for enhanced feel when making tweaks and adjustments
  • Included Editor software makes creating new control maps and transferring them to the A-800PRO-R
  • Bright LED display
  • Inspiring feel & response
  • 45 customizable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, finger pads & transport
  • Sure-grip Pitch Bend/Modulation Stick
  • Expand expressive playing with Sustain & Expression Pedals (available separately)
  • USB Bus Powered-no AC adapter required.
  • Solid Roland-quality design
  • Comes with 3 versatile software instruments
  • Works with virtually any DAW on Mac or PC
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Includes the Production Plus Pack 3 music production software
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