MEINL 1B-PA12CN-M 12-Inch Wood Pandeiro

MEINL 1B-PA12CN-M 12-Inch Wood Pandeiro

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MEINL 1B-PA12CN-M 12- Inch Wood Pandeiro

The Pandeiro is a traditional Brazilian frame drum played with one hand while the other alters the pitch of the drum. Solid jingles produce a brilliant, dry and cutting sound. These pandeiros have a countersunk bolt lug tuning system, allowing the drum to be tuned with the included drum key. Chrome-plated hardware gives this drum a sleek, professional look, while the hand-selected goat skin head (which is replaceable) gives the drum a professional sound.

  • Solid Jingles
  • Brilliant and Dry, Cutting Sound
  • Played with One Hand While Other Alters Pitch
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